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Science and research

ASEA’s science-based technology

Through its dedicated research work and with the help of intensive laboratory testing, ASEA Corporate succeeded in developing the revolutionary redox technology. By means of this, active redox signaling molecules can be produced and stabilized outside the body, an extraordinary breakthrough in the field of science.

These redox signaling molecules are added to a pristine saline solution in ASEA’s patented process. This solution itself is not the product, rather it is the delivery system for the molecules in ASEA products.

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The Science of ASEA - EUROPE
The Science of ASEA

What are redox signal molecules?

What do we need them for?

Redox signaling molecules are a very important and essential component of our body and are produced by it. From the age of twelve, however, our cells produce fewer and fewer of these molecules, so unfortunately their number is steadily decreasing.

Redox signaling molecules are divided into two groups: reactive oxygen species and reduced species. Our body ideally maintains a homeostatic balance between these two species, in all our cells and all our body tissues.

If this balance is disturbed, our body sends internal signals by means of its redox signaling molecules to strengthen communication between its cells.

Revolutionary discovery

Redox signaling

Due to environmental influences, the aging process itself and many other factors, the defense mechanisms of our body are constantly activated. Normal cellular function therefore declines. Even if you look flawless and feel healthy, your body still slowly loses the ability to produce redox signaling molecules itself. The ability of our cells to communicate with each other therefore decreases more and more.

Your skin always shows you how well you are really doing. Skin care is known to be very important, as our skin – the largest organ of our body – has to fight against external influences and the aging process every day.

Before ASEA’s breakthrough discovery, there was no way to replenish natural reserves of redox signaling molecules because redox signaling molecules were not stable outside the human body. Now, thanks to ASEA products, you can easily supply your skin with redox signaling molecules.

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+++ NEWS +++ SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, 29 September 2020

Global company ASEA unveiled its new Life Sciences Research Laboratory, and announced an expanded Science Council and Medical Advisory Board.

The new “Verdis L. Norton Center for Redox Life Sciences”, announced by ASEA founder Tyler Norton, will serve as a centre for all redox life sciences research and development.

“The lab is named after and dedicated to the founder, my father Verdis, who was the first to build a global company dedicated to promoting the powerful redox principles and ultimately the powerful benefits of ASEA REDOX supplements,” said Tyler Norton. “It will serve not only as a laboratory for existing redox signalling technology, but also as an incubator lab for the development of new redox technologies.”

While these new redox discoveries are being cultivated in this lab, ASEA will involve external strategic third party labs around the world to further develop and establish these innovations.

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